5 Suspension Exercises and Workouts

Today’s training tool will be suspension trainer. The workout will be body weight exercises using the suspension trainer.

Suspension Training

These are functional training exercises using a suspension trainer,Suspension Exercises work really well at encouraging a natural tension in a clients core. This tension then helps with everything from sports performance to core strength. Each of our suspension exercises were built specifically for different muscle groups or motions that help our clients improve physically or through the development of movement skills. The exercises can be focused on the core, whole body, legs and upper body. Each one can hit strength, power, stability or flexibility too.


Workout:  90 second intervals with 20 second rest period between exercises repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 suspended standing push from chest to chest with rotation



Exercise 2 suspended squat thrust feet suspended legs narrow out, wide in, narrow out



Exercise 3 suspended split lunge



Exercise 4 suspended jump right and left in sync with push forward



Exercise 5 suspended squat thrust feet suspended two legs together forward and back out of sync