Personal Trainers can use these exercises with their clients both indoors and outdoors.  The client will get the double benefit of training their lower body while also getting an energy system work out like no other!  By changing up the pace and rest time, and keeping the client some what in the dark about when the last set or reps are, then you can effectively lean on the central governors and deliver a session that will essentially leave the client with a lot less in reserve than other training sessions. ​ We incorporate workout tools barbell, sand bells, medicine ball, kettlebell and dumbbells .  Overall jumping exercises provide clients with a high intensity body weight workout.

Exercise 1 dumbbells jump right and left in sync with push forward

Exercise 2 kettlebell split squat jump from narrow to wide with over head push sideways


Exercise 3 sand bells jump 1 to 2 rotate right and left

Exercise 4 medicine ball out of sync split jump movement

Exercise 5 barbell jump out of sync wide to narrow) with push forward

I hope you have seen a few options for your clients workouts. Click here to see additional Jumping Exercises If you would like to gain access to our Fitness Video Library  If you would like to learn exercise design theory please check out FASTER’s Functional Training Circuits Course for both your individual personal training and small group training clients. I almost forgot here is your FREE Personal Training Course