5 Cable  Pulley Exercises

Today’s training tool is cable pulley machine. Cable Pulley exercises and workouts provide a full body workout. Cable pulley machines also enhance strength training part of your clients conditioning program. Cable pulley exercises also will provide weight training program for your clients.


Cable Training is a great way of adding momentum to your workout. Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum. Cables using a pull from below will enhance the use of gravity. Additionally, using a pull from above will reduce the affect of gravity. When your client is attached to the cable can also change the affect of ground reaction. Cable workouts provide a full body workout with exercises for upper and lower body. Cable exercises provide a safe and controlled weight lifting workout. Cable training is a great part of personal and small group training. Your clients can really work their core with these strength training exercises.


Workout: 2 minute intervals. first minute lower weight and emphasize form of each move, then last 60 seconds increase weight and increase the number of reps, 40 second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable Lunge Forward with Side Press



Exercise 2 Base Exercise Cable Press Rotation



Exercise 3 Base Exercise Cable Squat Pelvis to the side



Exercise 4 Base Exercise Cable 1 arm press



Exercise 5 Base Exercise Cable Squat Feet Out and Press Rotation