Since it is raining and I had a great and long night out, I thought it best to sweat out the toxins. I am using only the cable pulley machine for this full body workout.

Cable Training is a great way of adding momentum to your workout. Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum. Cables using a pull from below will enhance the use of gravity. Additionally, using a pull from above will reduce the affect of gravity. When your client is attached to the cable can also change the affect of ground reaction. Cable workouts provide a full body workout with exercises for upper and lower body. Cable exercises provide a safe and controlled weight lifting workout. Cable training is a great part of personal and small group training. Your clients can really work their core with these strength training exercises.

Workout: Key is to move quickly through these exercises, push your clients, not looking for performance just get the job done!

5 sets  4 , 5, 6, 24 , 2 reps per exercise  , increase weights with sets 1-3, low weight for set 4 and heavy weight for the last set


Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable 1 leg reach rotation



Exercise 2 Base Exercise cable press


Exercise 3 Base Exercise Cable Reverse Flys



Exercise 4 Base Exercise Cable Squat Feet Out and Press Rotation



Exercise 5 Base Exercise Cable Pivot Right and Left Rotation



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