5 Body Weight Exercises To Jump Start Your Week

It is Labor Day here in the US,  so I thought a quick, full-body workout with body weight exercises will get the heart rate up and build up your BBQ hunger.  These 5 exercises are functional and work the core. It is a beautiful day, so take this workout outside.  The workout is based on the HIIT training system, devised by Tabata and uses original exercises. However, the system load to rest ratio is the same. All the exercises are functional, whole body and tough. All of them are combinations of on the floor and upright movements. This is a great exercise protocol if you have little time and want to work really hard.  I am throwing in a couple FASTER Crumps!


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Workout:  60-second intervals per exercise, 20-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 Body weight push up split forward and back



Exercise 2 Body weight spotty crump



Exercise 3 body weight split squat bodyweight 



Exercise 4 Body Weight Insync Jump left and right



Exercise 5 body weight plank pelvis side reaches