Body Weight Exercises creates  a great workout. These exercises will provide a full body workout that will get your heart rate jumping. These Body Weight Exercises are great for your personal training clients as well as small group training. A great  benefit of body weight training is that you can do these anywhere! Spring has arrived and anytime you can take you and your clients outside everyone will be in a better state of mind. The power of the sun and fresh air will enhance workout performance.

Body Weight Workout:

40 second intervals for each exercise

30 second rest between exercises

Repeat 5 times


Exercise 1 Body weight 1 leg squat with forward reach movement



Exercise 2 Body weight plank pelvis rotate left and right



Exercise 3 Body Weight Frontal Wide to Narrow Squat Thrust



Exercise 4 Body Weight Press up to Squat Split rotated 



Exercise 5 Body weight posterior lunge and posterior reach



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