Using suspension exercises to build skill is something that helps develop all clients from athletes to person from next door. This exercise keeps challenging the clients base of support on landing, while asking the core to be simultaneously producing force and reducing force!

Exercise 1 suspended standing push from chest to above head wide and forward

Medicine Balls provide upper body as well as lower body strength and conditioning. Each exercise has been designed for a purpose, based on the outcome of a particular client and based on the Faster thought process – Rule the Tool.

Exercise 2 Medicine ball frontal 2 1 jump and press

Band exercises are the 3rd component of this exercise trilogy. 2 of the main skills we believe all clients require, to a certain extent, to be better at moving and get better physical results. Band Exercises help attain both skills. We show you how to create exercises, so you have an unlimited supply on hand. If you wanted to see what we have created before, then check out our FREE exercise library!

Exercise 3 band standing push from chest to chest wide