Today’s exercise blog is creating a mini training circuit workout using weight training tools. These will help build your clients with overall strength and conditioning.

Exercise 1 Barbells: Barbell l pivot right and left with press forward movement.

Exercise 2 Dumbbells:Dumbbell exercises can also be one of the best home workouts as well as part of a functional circuit training. Dumbbell Exercises for people who love to move. This exercise dumbbell frontal lunge and press.

Exercise 3 Kettlebells: Kettlebell squat with pelvis wide and press rotationThese are the fundamental kettlebell exercises that offer many total body strength and conditioning benefits. You can incorporate kettlebell exercise routines with your circuit training programs for your personal training clients. Please click on this link for details and signup for FASTER’s Functional Training Circuit Course, home to over 1500 circuit training exercises. Also learn exercise design theory so you can create training circuits for your clients.