12 Ways to Build Messages that lead to sales and client retention

by | Dec 15, 2019 |

It is about to get tough out there, and the industry is going to have a barrage of Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts, not to mention Nutritionists and Life Coaches, trying desperately to get attention on social media. 

It means a lot of people stood in front of boards, flip charts, white walls or in gyms stood next to their mates, and a bar ready to over talk an exercise. We will have statements with depth on improving our lives, people sharing what to eat, how to detox, what they are doing to get fitter and an unreal amount of offers to get fit.

To stand out, you need to work to find you. Copying what is out in the industry will help you to blend into the rest of the industry. To be you, then you need to find your truth, you need to be specific with every word, sentence, paragraph and story beat in all of your delivery.

To help you, I have listed 12 things you need to be doing consistently and preferably in a group, to make sure you stand out from the industry and grow you following, client base, price and reputation in the industry.

My background includes being in the industry since 1994, achieving an MSc in Sports Science as well as being a touring improviser, sketch writer and improviser. These unique combination of skills are going to help you to deliver your message in your way, using your sense of humour and your truth. I will be working with you to make sure you provide the right message at the right time in the right medium.

I co-teach this with Joanne Groves, who studied to be an actress to Degree Level and has taken the fitness industry by storm, starting on reception in a Health Club and recently presenting internationally at IDEA World. Joanne is going to help you find your space in the market and generate work.  

We do this all online using the course that is linked below. 

  1. Use a group of friends to help you find your specific thoughts on the industry
  2. Define your personal and business character traits, wants, needs and issues of high importance
  3. Using feedback and regular writing define the parts of your character wants and needs which drive your clients to love you
  4. Defined your companies and your own Points of View
  5. Develope a 12-month plan of messages
  6. Build the skills that will allow you to build a premise for delivery for every post
  7. Define your companies clear difference (your niche and truth)
  8. Define each posts clear difference (your niche and truth)
  9. Define the goals for a post and make sure each sentence reinforces them
  10. Build posts have layers of action which supports the goal message
  11. Define the stakes for each series of posts to make them important to read
  12. Build content that has gone through a process of finding your truth and enhancing the content for delivery (using lists, definitions, refined content creation, editing and then production steps)

If you want clarification on any of these points I would be happy to chat, drop me an email John@fasterglobal.com