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If you are always getting around to it, but never actually do it, then we have the product for you here.  We are going to do the lot for you as a set up, website, social media the lot.  We will also get it running for the first month, so you can start planning and building blogs etc after and so you never get behind!  We charge a one off fee (additional fee’s if you want hosting and a person to maintain your site month by month after).

  • We set up your website, social media profiles (youtube, Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, instagram and Linked In) and then we set up a month worth of blogs
  • We design you a logo (optional)
  • Online help lectures (30+ on WordPress and more delivered within 5 days of your request)
  • 200 page e-book with info on building your product, service, sales and marketing
  • Chapters on setting up and getting business from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest and SEO

Let us get you started with all the difficult stuff, and then you carry it on.  The manuals and the videos will help if you get stuck too.


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