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This is an amazing opportunity to make it in the fitness industry.

John Hardy MSc, has a long and distinguished career in the industry and is proud to be able to offer 12 people the opportunity to build a 3-year plan (3 years and 2 months if you are training to become a Personal Trainer first) to make it as a leading trainer.

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This project works if you are looking to get into the industry from scratch, or you are an established Personal Trainer already.

The prices are simple, (I charge a little more for paying me monthly or weekly) –

To learn from scratch
– £9900 in one payment
– £293.20 a month for 3 years (which is £10555.20)
– £68 a week for 3 years (which is £10608)

For this you get all the FASTER courses, plus 30 Days of Training live with John Hardy, Level 2 and Level 3 become a Personal Trainer. You get the FTE course, and the Course Directors course also.

To learn from become a Level 3, or a CPT position the prices are –
– £8900 in one payment
– £260.95 a month for 3 years (which is £9,394.20)
– £61 a week for 3 years (which is £9516)

I strongly advise that you read the text below AND that you spend some time on the phone with me to make sure this is right.

The payment structures are not a loan, and you are required to pay the full amount shown.

There are no links to pay now, as I want to ensure you are happy with the idea and the product first and I want to speak with you on the phone, or skype to make sure you are someone I can work with and help. I have 12 spaces and over the next three years I need to know that I can develop your potential as much as you need to feel more than value from this offer.

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Here is an opportunity that is strictly limited.

If you want to be the best of the best in the industry, then you need someone to guide you through all the hoops and get you out the other side without you having to worry about them claiming your success.

Since 2000, my first fitness Management role, I have been helping to get trainers to the point where they unlock their success and have the ability to get into positions of great influence in the industry.

In 2006 I started FASTER and in 2007 I had my first mentor student, who worked with me on a purely technical front for 6 months, spending a full day together in person each month, plus spending time on the phone, email and skype.

Since then I have helped people in the industry to achieve all of their dreams in the industry and more. I have helped trainers to do the following –

Train Royalty
Train A’List Celebrities
Train Pro Sports Teams and Athletes
Run the Education departments at large health club chains
Instagram Fame
Master Trainers for ViPR
Master Trainers for TRX
Master Trainers for Escape Fitness
Authors for courses for FASTER
Authors for courses for Escape Fitness
Presenters on the National and International stage

If you want to tap into my network and to make a go of it in the industry, then I am back offering one to one training again, for the first time in 4 years. This time it will be different, this time if you are in the UK you will come to me, if you are based outside of the UK we need to speak first to work out the costs and logistics, but it is all possible.

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I can train a maximum of 12 trainers a year, and that is me full.

This is a 3 year project that I will work on with you (3 years and 3 months if you start from becoming a Personal Trainer). In the three years you will get the following –

People who are starting from scratch
Month -2 – Level 2
Month -1 – Level 3

People who are starting as a qualified trainer
Year 1
Month 1 – Functional Circuits
Month 2 – Neural Notching
Month 3 – Specialist Performance 1
Month 4 – Specialist Performance 2
Month 5 – Specialist Performance 3
Month 6 – Specialist Performance 4
Month 7 – Specialist Performance 5
Month 8 – Specialist Performance 6
Month 9 – Specialist Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 1
Month 10 – Specialist Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation 2
Month 11 – Building your brand, website, business plan
Month 12 – Social media presence / content building

Year 2
FTE – Full group plus additional monthly one to one coaching with me. This course is 1 year, with 8 live days in a group and also features the opportunity for you to teach. In 2017 we hope to launch this in the US and Australia.

Each month you will get an additional 1-1 meet up where I support the learning online and continue to help you build your business. Also we start to build your name as a presenter and look for opportunities for you to speak and get known in the industry.

Year 3
Course Directors – Write your own course, with support from me. You will get to do the live component in a group, plus you will get 4 months of meet ups to complete the course.

We will use the 4 months of these meet-ups in order to build your reputation as an author. Also I will use all my skill and knowledge to help you get your course written and out to the world at pace.

Check out the comment section to see exactly what it is like to be mentored 1-1 by me, and where this can get you.


  1. Casey James Noble

    I have spent the last 11 months in the FASTER mentorship program. I have worked with some amazing trainers. Nothing compares to the skills you develop with FASTER. This mentorship is for those wanting to be leaders amongst there piers. Truly the best the industry has to offer. Casey Noble NASM CPT, PES, CES, CAFS, B.S. Psychology and FASTER mentorship student. If you want to be at the top of the industry, FASTER will teach you the most unique and advanced program to date.

  2. Dan Farr Abs

    What I really admire about faster global and I have come to appreciate over the last 3 years is the principles that they teach you. They teach you a believe system which gives you the skills to build exercises specific to your clients needs. If you want to be unique and a leader in the industry then Faster Global is for you.

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