Three C’s Live – Bobby Cappuccio/ Jo Groves/ John Hardy

£99.00 £59.00

Sunday 16th September, 12.30-4.30 at Clapham Junction Fitness First St. John’s Hill

Read below for more information; this will be our line up for the day,

12.30 – 13.40 – Core Values underpinning influential presenting with Bobby Cappuccio
13.40 – 13.55 – break
13.55 – 15.00 – Craft of Communication with Jo Groves
15.00 – 15.15 – break
15.15 – 16.30 – Consistency of Character through natural humour with John Hardy



You are great at what you do, actually to others you might say you are reasonably good, but you know deep down you are better than most around you. It is also frustrating to you that those around you who are not as good or dedicated seem to get as much work, sometimes more, at the same price or sometimes charging more and they seem to get better traction in social media.

Now, more than anytime before, people who communicate well in person and replicate this using blogs, podcast and videos, seem to be getting superior results in finding new business and being recognised as the expert than those who have better skills and experience. This is only going to get worse, and it means you are being pushed into making a decision.

You could just go and work for someone, but even then you may still need to produce content.

This leaves you with either fighting by learning to communicate ’you’ across mediums or you need to give in and find a job in the backroom of a server farm!

Our one day course is going to be one where we bring your demons to face you; Bobby will dig into your belief system in a way that will make you feel more secure and fulfilled, Jo will share the craft behind communication giving you the ability to deliver your message under stress and John will try and make you meet the ultimate task of bringing your funny side out, deliberately! At the end you will be communicating in a different way to everyone.

It’s not all plane sailing though because over the course of 4 hours we will be taking you through the emotional journey that you need, but in parts might find challenging. Working on tasks to get you through to an audience in any medium other than 1-1 requires you to find another level of you, almost your caricature, in order to appear like the conversational you in video, podcast and in a blog.

Everyone in the room will be on the same journey so you will have the perfect environment to grow and develop, you will at times have to step up to complete a task but once you have done this a couple of times it will feel natural and you will grow in confidence.

Our talk is about starting you in a journey, it will leave you with enough to change your communication style so that you get better at reflecting you. Your videos will be shared more as people want to show off how cool there trainer is, your podcasts will get spoken about and your blogs will fly around the internet. It will feel good to show your competitors how good you are, in your voice.

For some, this is precisely the right amount of learning to go forward. For others this us just the start, and more levels of growth could be just around the corner…