Superhero – Live in Luton – 3 Weekends from 14/15 January P/Plan

£644.00 £300.00

3 Weekends – 14/15 January, 11/12 February, 4/5 March
Live with the Author John Hardy


£300 (Usually £644) deposit then 10 payments of £97 (Usually £197)

Using the learning techniques that we apply across all of our courses, this is the ultimate level of learning, before our invite only teaching courses.

This course is only suitable if you have passed our Mentorship 2, you have a degree, or you have over 2 years of industry experience.

In this course, we start with a bang and then really show you how to own this industry. You will not come out of this a great FASTER trainer, you will come out of this as a great YOU trainer. Meaning we will show you how to find your space in the industry and own it.

We go through the following –

  • Smashing the Industry Myths and Lies (plus how they get popular)
  • How to find and use research to get the edge in the industry and for your clients
  • Build specific assessments with accuracy for any client
  • Exercise Creation for Specific Results
  • Program Design for all Populations


This is the ultimate level you can study with FASTER before you will be invited to teach.  10 years in the making, this course is designed to give you skills that will make you superhero like!

If you are considering jumping straight to this level, then you are an experienced and well-educated trainer, therapist or sports and conditioning coach.

In this course, we will be passing on the skills that usually take years to acquire, through practice and education.  We have done this by thin slicing the observational skills of the best trainers and gurus in the industry and putting it into the FASTER designed and built HMAC.  Mastering this changes how quickly, easily and well you will see the detail of movement.

You need to watch the video and then check out the lesson plans, get ready to have the industry crap blown away.  This course will change you into an industry leader.

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