Street Superhero Live in Luton – 12th&13th Nov 10th&11th Dec

£850.00 £250.00


“This is the first time this course has been delivered and is being taught by the author, John Hardy”

Active for Less, 3 Wigmore Ln, Luton LU2 9TA
Both Weekends

  • Have you found that in order to move on, you need to boost your training skills?
  • Can you assess and then motivate any client who walks in the door?
  • Do you want to provide the best training you can to your clients?

This course is designed for qualified movement and rehab professionals built to give you the edge in the industry.

  • Learn how all training boils down to the motion, the load and the intensity from the outside
  • Learn how all training boils down to the management of perception, and safely overcoming the subconscious restrictions your client has to movement
  • Learn about the skill —> Performance continuum and how it has to be at the centre of your exercise programming
  • Experience the power of building exercise clusters for skill and performance
  • Leave with the ability to assess clients with bespoke movements and intensities
  • Apply 1000’s of your own designed exercises the day after the course
  • Build your confidence and show that in your business results straight away


Watch the video to see what you will learn over these four days.  Then have a look at the content in the lesson plan layout.

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