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Five amazing courses designed to make you a leader in Sports Specific Training

Circuit Training
Stop Turn Accelerate
Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance
Obsessed about Performance Lifting

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Five amazing courses designed to make you a leader in Sports Specific Training

Circuit Training
Stop Turn Accelerate
Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance
Obsessed about Performance Lifting

Circuit Training

Multi Modality Training – Based on the Principle of Rule the Tool

1500+ Exercises and Growing

20 Exercise Templates that can be used in many ways by just inserting some of the 1500+ exercises

The course content is split in to the following stages –

Movement and Performance Training
Activating Muscles
Energy Systems Training
SETS – Program Card and System
TEST – for the certificate in FCT
Program Library

Straight Sets
Metabolic Circuit
Open/Closed Chain Supersets
Compound Sets

Exercise Library

Body Weight
Medicine Ball
Band Exercises
Band Exercises
GripR & Sandbell
CMT – Core Momentum Trainer

Stop Turn Accelerate

Who is it for?

Sports Performance Coaches, Trainers and Strength Conditioning Trainers
Personal Trainers who want to improve their knowledge on getting clients sports fast
Anyone who wants to change from taking their clients on cardio machines, to something more fun and functional

Why do it?

Learn how to break down and then re-build the skill of sports specific speed
Learn how to ensure your client can perform all positions for stopping
Learn how to ensure your client can perform a turn in all sports environments
Learn how to ensure your clients can get back up to full speed, not matter how they start their movement
Learn a progression of speed enhancing movements, inside and outside of the gym
Learn techniques that relate to integrating exercise and exercise equipment to get really fast transferable skills and results
Learn how to integrate straps, hurdles, lateral hurdles, running ladders, cones and ViPR’s in to your speed conditioning sessions


Technology is here, and it is here to stay. The great thing for the trainer, is that it is also enhancing our delivery and making it easier to just do the things we do well without having to work on the other distractions.

If you ever have any of the following happen to you, then you will love this course –

Missed a movement in the initial assessment and then had to get the athlete to keep repeating the movement while you looked for it

Have a client who you know would move far better if they could see how they move currently and how you want that to change

Train a client who wants to be measured

Train a client who needs a program to take away with them

Run our of time to train yourself, go on courses, see your family because of paper work and follow up marketing

Find yourself lacking a system to build your training on

Find it hard to relate functional movements and assessments to programmes that change body shape.

This course was designed to help you with all of this. It contains the following –

The FASTER Principles

Technology in Assessments

Coaching to find normal motion

Coaching to engage best performance and movement connection

FASTER’s key skills of assessment defined

Building Solutions

Delivering Solutions – technology part 2


Personal Trainers who have the basic training in the industry, need to be able to differentiate and get better at standing out. This course shows you the thought process behind building movement based exercise programmes, that can feature any exercise, traditional or specifically developed for a client. Learn all the movements, all the exercises, how to manipulate them to work with any training tool and how to order them to get the physical response you want from a client, short term and long term!

This course can be purchased as a stand alone online course, or as part of our coach package in conjunction with other choices. Taught online, live 1-1 and live in a group, the assessment is currently a video upload, that is then shared.
Who is it for?

Trainers who want to start to see motion differently
Trainers who want to have the possibility of an unlimited amount of exercises
Trainers who want to understand mechanics and their effect on performance and possibly pain
Trainers who want to be different in the industry, and in their gym
Trainers who want to start to develop their own style
Trainers who see the value in learning a thought process over a set of techniques
Trainers who want to know how to use all equipment
Trainers who want to be different for the right reasons
Trainers who want to learn skills they can use straight away

Why do it?

Learn the thought process behind FASTER
Develop a coaching mentality in your training
Learn about how the body’s bone, joint and muscle sequencing can tell you about the clients abilities and potential issues
Learn how to create motions, to elicit muscle reactions with ease, in any exercise
Develop a way of splitting the energy systems from the mechanics of the movement
Learn how to achieve both your clients mechanical and body shape / physical performance goals, without having to compromise on either
Learn how the energy systems are key to unlocking body shape changes and performance goals

Obsessed about Performance Lifting

Obsessed about Performance Lifting is a new course, based on our old concept “obsessed” where FASTER gets deep down in to the down and dirty of a topic, references, opinion of top coaches and application of the FASTER thought process.

This is a course designed to take you through everything you need to know about Olympic Lifting. From the history, through the techniques, the application of techniques, preparation for better lifts and when not to use lifts in sports. As the title suggests, I have been obsessive over research for this course and I cannot wait to get your feedback on it.

The course content –

Origin of Olympic Lifting

Lifts with Traditional Chunking

Traditional Strength Exercises

Applying FASTER Exercises for common Lifting Issues

Teaching Beginners

Olympic Lifting in Sport?

Delivered by –

100+ PDF Page Manual

Videos and Lectures

This course is as comprehensive a lifting course as you will find on the market today, and so we hope you enjoy it.


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