Neural Notching Live 30 & 31 July Active 4 Less Luton


Here is what the course will be going through the two days.
Effective Coaching Skills for
– introducing a skill
– developing a skill
– performing a skill
How to develop Exercise Clusters (FASTER’s term for skills aligned with specific variables)
How to develop effective techniques for keeping great skill sequencing through fatigue
How to develop strategies to improve range of motion and power output (either acceleration or capacity)
Although this course seems to be a performance focussed course, it is actually focussed on all people who move.
The aim of the course is to allow trainers and therapists empower their clients with a wide range of skills that can then be used to enhance the client’s life. This is whether the client would like to look better, move better, perform, live a higher standard of life or just learn a new way of moving.


[schema type=”event” evtype=”SportsEvent” url=”” name=”Neural Notching Live 30 & 31 July Active 4 Less Luton” description=”When looking at Skill Development and Performance Training with clients then Neural Notching is the term Faster has coined to help you understand how this works.Moving the focus initially from mobility, strength, and power, and focusing on the clients movement outcome, then the solutions and exercise design will change. The research defines the techniques that best improve skill and the technique that best improve performance. Skill training does not provide the optimum stimulus for Performance Enhancement, and Performance Training can end up being detrimental to Skill Development long term. This video goes through the components of training required in order to help develop both skill and performance with a longer-term view than just in session planning.” sdate=”2016-07-30″ stime=”10:30 am” edate=”2016-07-31″ duration=”12:00″ street=”Active 4 Less, Luton ,Wigmore Park Centre, Wigmore Lane Luton,” city=”Bedfordshire” postalcode=”LU2 9XG” country=”GB” ]


Price: £180

Venue: Active 4 Less Luton

Address: Wigmore Park Centre,
Wigmore Lane

Course Director: Alison Graham

Mobile: 07894 952 530



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