Mentorships 1,2 and 3 Online

£1,500.00 £1,000.00

Mentorship 1 – Superhero Sidekick –>Taught Online Assessed Online

Mentorship 2 – Street Superhero –>Taught Online Assessed Online

Mentorship 3 – Superhero –>Taught Online Assessed Online


Superhero Sidekick

This course is our launch course live and will be a strictly limited number of students allowed on this!

It will be heavily discounted also, to allow us to get feedback and ensure we have the best content and delivery for you.

This is the curriculum –

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Street Superhero

This course is designed for qualified movement and rehab professionals built to give you the edge in the industry.

  • Learn how all training boils down to the motion, the load and the intensity from the outside
  • Learn how all training boils down to the management of perception, and safely overcoming the subconscious restrictions your client has to movement
  • Learn about the skill —> Performance continuum and how it has to be at the centre of your exercise programming
  • Experience the power of building exercise clusters for skill and performance
  • Leave with the ability to assess clients with bespoke movements and intensities
  • Apply 1000’s of your own designed exercises the day after the course
  • Build your confidence and show that in your business results straight away

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This is the ultimate level you can study with FASTER before you will be invited to teach. 10 years in the making, this course is designed to give you skills that will make you superhero like!

If you are considering jumping straight to this level, then you are an experienced and well-educated trainer, therapist or sports and conditioning coach.

In this course, we will be passing on the skills that usually take years to acquire, through practice and education. We have done this by thin slicing the observational skills of the best trainers and gurus in the industry and putting it into the FASTER designed and built HMAC. Mastering this changes how quickly, easily and well you will see the detail of movement.

Learn how to find and evaluate research in order to develop your own science-based style
Learn to see and predict every bone motion for any movement
Use the information from bone motion to predict joint feelings and muscle reactions
Build specific assessments for clients with any problem or fitness outcome
Master pain, fatigue and skill development the brains 3 influences on movement
Build precise programmes for results that clients
Develop marketing and sales skills to get the most from your new skills

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