FTE 4.0 – Refreshed for 2018


Pay by Deposit and Installments or in Full

Deposit – £300 and then 24 months at £150 –> Full Price £3600 (CURRENT FULL PRICE ON SALE)

Read below for details, here are the live dates this year –

Four Days Live – Meeting 1 – NOTTINGHAM 24-27th May (Nottingham City Center)
Four Days Live – Meeting 2 – NOTTINGHAM 27-30th September (Nottingham City Center)

You need to read the information below to fully appreciate why this is the top level course for FASTER trainers and why it produces so many great coaches. Here is a quick summary though –

Learn to Mentor and then get to Mentor all of the FASTER courses
Learn how to think the FASTER way so well you can teach it
8 Days of live training each year, you only pay for year one, and you are in for life
52 subject areas, lectures and growing content
Exclusive access to John’s almost daily blog
Online live and pre-recorded hangouts
1-1 Time with founder John Hardy to work on your personal goals in the industry
Access to all of FASTER’s courses without having to pay (excludes #FSQUAD, Course Directors courses and Level 2/3)
Get access to the latest fitness, performance, injury prevention and injury recovery research
Rolling Sign-ups (new for 2017)

New dates for next years get together will be up in September, along with the venue (we expect to be back in Luton at Active Fitness again).  If you sign up before October, you can come along to the second 4-day course and be taught by people who have been working through this year’s course, which will be an amazing learning experience on its own!



FASTER Training Expert 4.0 (Specialist Prices)

Creating the “Movement Specialists Cosmic Superhero!”

(How to teach and mentor Personal Trainers!)

FTE (FASTER TRAINING EXPERT) is the ultimate mentoring level for FASTER; it is where you get to lead new and existing coaches into the industry.  You will be of a high standard of experience, training, or have come through the three levels of FASTER training, to be accepted on this course.

The course is delivered in two formats. It is online, through the interactive app, with hangouts, research papers, lectures, discussions and interactive forums and also lives in two four days get together’s a year.

NEW – to pass the course, you must attend at least one of the four days get together’s AND you must complete the teaching tasks as well.

THE COURSE NEVER ENDS THOUGH – This is a group that will grow together and support each other, we have a lot of students who do the live days each year. It helps them learn the latest information, and also it brings about business opportunities through networking.

COME TO ALL OF OUR COURSES AS A GUEST – All the FASTER courses, the new ones currently being written and the ones we deliver as one offs, etc. will be available to you to join in with as a guest.  This means we get lots of support from each other when we run courses ourselves and also when we go out and get training completed. (For courses written by our Course Directors, then the only fee will be the Course Director and not to FASTER).  #FSQUAD is an additional cost

EXCLUSIVE COURSE CONTENT FROM OUR HISTORY – When we decommission old courses then the content will remain for our FTE students so that a history of courses can be seen and the mistakes, plus the origins of the new courses are available for everyone to see.

BECOME FAMOUS! – Okay so we are not talking Michael Jackson or anything, but we are talking about networking with trainers from the FASTER family who have gone on to big things.  1/2 million followers on Instagram, training celebrities, training with professional sports teams, launching their training into specific areas (Golf, Weightloss) and then mixing with the industry elite at conventions such as IDEA, IHRSA, etc. in the US.  This is only going to get bigger each year as well.

1-1 IN PERSON WITH THE FOUNDER – As the founder of FASTER, I like to spend time with my students and this is particularly the case of my FTE students.  So it is not part of the course, but often I spend a day or two with students working on content for them to share around the internet, on ideas to help them take a niche, sharing my industry contacts and a lot of filming to help make my FTE’s the face of the industry.  For some people who miss the four days, we get together for two days at a time and get through it together.

Four Days Live – Meeting 1
(These do not have to be completed in order)

All days run 10 am to 6 pm

Four Days Live – Meeting 1 – NOTTINGHAM 24-27th May (Nottingham City Center)

Day 1 – HMAC Intensive
Day 2 – Practical Skills for Hands on
Day 3 – Practical Skills for Coaching and Performance
Day 4 – Programming, Long-term development of Exercises

This is an extremely Practical 4 Day workshop, and so I expect you all to be ready to workout/watch and film or get involved.  We will use every training tool we have available, speed work, CMT, GripR the lot!

Four Days Live – Meeting 2 – NOTTINGHAM 27-30th September (Nottingham City Center)

Day 1 – Reading and Delivering from Lesson Plans
Day 2 – Teaching Lesson Plans & Feedback
Day 3 – Teaching Lesson Plans & Feedback
Day 4 – Debrief and planning for the next year of courses, marketing and promoting

This requires you to teach one or more modules for two days.  We will have practised these already online, but this is an opportunity for you to practice these live and in person, without a whole lot of time to prepare.

52 Topics of Information with additional Content and Input going on almost daily.

  1. FASTER – History and Thought Process
  2. How to research and study – Process
  3. Study Examples – Papers and Reviews – Hot Topics
  4. Group Study
  5. Finding the big Questions – Muscle Recruitment
  6. Finding our Answer – Muscle Recruitment
  7. Defining our System/ position – Muscle Recruitment
  8. Finding the big Questions – Injury Prevention
  9. Finding our Answer – Injury Prevention
  10. Defining our System/ position – Injury Prevention
  11. Finding the big Questions –  Training for Performance
  12. Finding our Answer – Training for Performance
  13. Defining our System/ position – Training for Performance
  14. Finding the big Questions – Speed Development
  15. Finding our Answer – Speed Development
  16. Defining our System/ position – Speed Development
  17. Finding the big Questions – Strength Development
  18. Finding our Answer – Strength Development
  19. Defining our System/ position – Strength Development
  20. Finding the big Questions – Flexibility Development
  21. Finding our Answer – Flexibility Development
  22. Defining our System/ position – Flexibility Development
  23. Finding the big Questions – Muscle Hypertrophy
  24. Finding our Answer – Muscle Hypertrophy
  25. Defining our System/ position – Muscle Hypertrophy
  26. Finding the big Questions – Training for cardiovascular performance
  27. Finding our Answer – Training for cardiovascular performance
  28. Defining our System/ position – Training for cardiovascular performance
  29. Finding the big Questions – Long Term Athletic Development
  30. Finding our Answer – Long Term Athletic Development
  31. Defining our System/ position – Long Term Athletic Development
  32. Finding the big Questions – Periodisation for an Event
  33. Finding our Answer – Periodisation for an Event
  34. Defining our System/ position – Periodisation for an Event
  35. Finding the big Questions – Periodisation for a Season
  36. Finding our Answer – Periodisation for a Season
  37. Defining our System/ position – Periodisation for a Season
  38. Learning Theories from Education
  39. How to Mentor Level 2
  40. How to Mentor Level 3
  41. How to Mentor Superhero Sidekicks Trainers
  42. How to Mentor Street Superhero Trainers
  43. How to Mentor Street Superhero Trainers
  44. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  45. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  46. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  47. Core Momentum Trainer – Master Trainer
  48. Power Curve – Master Trainer
  49. GripR – Master Trainer
  50. How to build your teaching brand
  51. How to build your online presence
  52. How to sell and run courses

All of these will be supported with video, relevant documents and also a discussion group on Hive Learning.


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