From Level 2 to Personal Trainer – Just get qualified! (instalments)

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Become a Personal Trainer in the UK.

If you want to get a certificate in Personal Training, with as little fuss and as much speed as possible then this is for you.

iPAD Mini WiFi 16GB

Level 3 in Personal Training

Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance (How to build exercises and assessments that are more movement specific and will help you stand out from other trainers)

Advanced Functional Trainer – Therapy (How to work with clients who carry diagnosed injuries with permission to train. Learn how to help them get stronger and then better at avoiding the injury happening again)

Assess Coach Train – Learn how to use technology and coaching skills to enhance your clients movements and results. Also see how this will help you to keep clients safe while challenging their bodies as hard as they are capable in that session.

Rule the Kettlebell – Learn the history behind Kettlebell lifting, the main lifts and then how to work with the FASTER thought process to create more exercises specifically for your clients.

Training In’tension – Functional training with suspension and band training. Learn how to enhance the core within whole body exercises for faster results. This thought process and these exercises are excellent for indoor and outdoor training.

Stop Turn Accelerate – Using movements and skills straight from sport, learn how to apply these with regular clients as well. These exercises and drills will give you a fantastic alternative to the traditional cardiovascular exercises that people tend to find so dull.

Taught by Online Pre-recorded lectures

Do It Yourself Website, Sales and Marketing –

Video Lectures on Marketing online

Video Lectures on setting up and maintaining your own WordPress website

A 200+ page manual on how to set up, run and make money from Social Media and live training, as well as how to build you product, set your price and ask for the money in a sale.


Olympic Lifting eBook

Training for Speed Transfer Book

How the Payments Work 

Pay £325 now and then pay another 3 payments of £325 (paid monthly or quicker!)
Your total payment will be £1400 – Still cheaper than the upfront price from our competitors!

You will get the Level 3 notes on the first payment 
You will get the Level 3 Assessments on the second payment 
You will get the Coach notes on the third payment 
You will get the full business pack and the iPad on the final payment

**If you do not complete the course payments, then we will withdraw the course notes from that point**


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