FASTER Training Expert 2.0 – International 2015



<WEEK 1 GOES LIVE 2nd Feb.  Pre-learning is already going online!>

Learn movement inside, predict it, produce it, load it and observe it.  This is the ultimate course that will lead you to teaching and mentoring other trainers as well.

This course is running in the UK (Doncaster), US (Denver), Hong Kong and Australia (Melbourne)

See below for the dates and an indepth look at the course.

This course will make you the local expert, and that will help you with all components of your business and personal success.

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Closing Soon and with limited numbers)-

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Deposit – £900 ($1415US, $1666AUS)

March – £300 ($472US, $556AUS)

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May – £300($472US, $556AUS)

Deposit – £450
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<WEEK 1 GOES LIVE 2nd Feb.  Pre-learning is already going online!>

This is a continuos course for as long as you want to be part of it.  In the first year you will learn how to think, act and teach like a FASTER trainer, we will plugin you in to our network of contacts and we will take you through the detail behind the business.

We then get you to teach the courses, and start making a return on investment if you want to.

This course has helped people get jobs abroad, promotions, their own studios and loads more.  It is the ultimate course to help you go forward and take this industry by storm, and it gives you the opportunity to teach for FASTER.

Each week we will have lessons on the FASTER website, and these will be followed up with monthly online hangouts (maybe more regular depending on the topic).  The group will consist of trainers from the UK (Doncaster), US (Denver) and Australia (Melbourne) and we will run the live 4 days workshops in these countries too, you will be welcome to all of them if you want to write off some tax on a visit abroad!

The layout of the courses are simple –

1 – You sign up and get access as a student to all of the FASTER courses at Coach and Specialist Level

2 – Jan 29th we start working on content.

3 – We have 52 weeks of content, that rotates year on year for you to do online.  This can be done weekly or caught up each month.  Also each week I will run a hangout to support the course and we will be discussing each point each week online as well.

4 – We will be meeting up on the following dates, you will be able to attend any or all of these.  The course has 2 different workshops.

Workshop 1

  • UK (Doncaster) – June 4th through 7th
  • Hong Kong (TBC) – July 2nd through 5th
  • Australia (Melbourne) – July 16th through 19th
  • US (Denver) – August 6th through 9th

Workshop 2

  • UK (Doncaster) – October 8th through 11th
  • Hong Kong (TBC) – October 22nd through 25th
  • Australia (Melbourne) – November 5th through 8th
  • US (Denver) – December 3rd through 6th

This is the only way you will get chance to teach our CMT course (Core Momentum Trainer) and the other internal FASTER courses.  Plus the additional products we will be involved in and bringing out over the next few years.

Payment plans on the full price are available by request.  This would require an email to



FASTER Training Expert 2.0

52 weeks of online information and tasks

1 – FASTER – History and Thought Process
2 – How to research and study
3 – Starting at the muscle
4 – Central Nervous System
5 – Motor Skills – part 1
6 – Motor Skills – part 2
7 – Bones – All of the motions
8 – Bones – All of the motions in a sequence
9 – Joints – All of the feelings
10 – Joints – Feelings in a sequence
11 – Muscle – Structure and Contractions
12 – Muscle – Upper body Functions
13 – Muscle – Lower body Functions
14 – HMAC – An example from Squatting
15 – HMAC – An example from Walking
16 – HMAC – An example from Throwing
17 – The Skill of Vertical Displacement
18 – The Skill of Locomotion
19 – The Skill of Power Production
20 – The Skills of Training In Tension
21 – Fatigue Management and Session Planning
22 – Coaching for Performance
23 – Injury verse Pain
24 – Pain
25 – Lower Body Injuries Part 1
26 – Lower Body Injuries Part 2
27 – Upper Body Injuries Part 1
28 – Upper Body Injuries Part 2
29 – Techniques in Rehabilitation from Research
30 – Evaluating ‘other’ rehabilitation techniques
31 – The Napkin Training Card
32 – Base Exercises
33 – Skills and Variables
34 – Energy Systems and Recovery
35 – Training Systems and Styles
36 – Building a Meaningful Assessment
37 – Building Meaningful Solutions
38 – Building a Long Term Plan for Fitness Success
39 – How to Teach the Coach courses part 1
40 – How to Teach the Coach courses part 2
41 – How to Teach the Coach courses part 3
42 – How to Teach the Specialist Courses Part 1
43 – How to Teach the Specialist Courses Part 2
44 – How to Teach the Specialist Courses Part 3
45 – How to Teach the Specialist Courses Part 4
46 – Core Momentum Trainer – Master Training Part 1
47 – Core Momentum Trainer – Master Training Part 2
48 – GripR – Master Trainer Part 1
49 – GripR – Master Trainer Part 2
50 – How to build your teaching brand
51 – How to build your online presence
52 – How to sell and run courses

All of these weeks will be supported with a video, relevant documents and also a discussion group on Facebook, and in our FTE group on

Additionally we will be running hangouts, tasks and the 4 days live concurrently with these.

In FTE 3.0, this will be the basis but with updates on material, content etc, you will have access to this as well as an FTE.

Four Days Live – Meeting 1

All days run 10am to 7pm

Day 1 – Introductions – Movement in depth with Injuries and Assessment Building
Day 2 – Coaching, Skills and Energy Systems in Depth
Day 3 – Every Exercise we can fit in, featuring all training tools
Day 4 – Programming, Long term development of Exercises

This is an extremely Practical 4 Day workshop and so I expect you all to be ready to workout / watch and film or get involved.  We will use every training tool we have available, speed work, CMT, GripR the lot!

Four Days Live – Meeting 2

All days run 10am to 7pm

Day 1 – A recap of the courses and how to teach, plus assignments given out
Day 2 – Coaching Lesson Plans taught
Day 3 – Specialist Lesson Plans taught
Day 4 – Debrief and planning for the next year of courses, marketing and promoting

This requires you to teach one or more modules for two days.  We will have practiced these already online, but this is an opportunity for you to practice these live and in person, without a whole lot of time to prepare.


  1. David Philip Cooke

    Great course; already qualified within the fitness industry with lots of level 4 (and more) quals my learning really started here and because of that my business did too

  2. Joanne Groves

    If you are serious about being the best you can at what you do,I would highly recommend this course. I would not have imagined the the transformation in my knowledge in just one year. Giving me the confidence to challenge my thought process, leaving egos at the door.

  3. Jonathan Ship

    This course has helped me take my business to the next level not only professionally but on a personal level as well. Its given me the confidence to really understand how clients move enabling me to get the best result for their individual needs. This has resulted in me helping people who just enjoy training to keep active all the way through to professional sports, which has always been a dream of mine. Without this course I don't think this would have happened. Its a must if you want to challenge yourself and really progress your career and keep moving forwards.

  4. Paul Chipp

    My Faster "journey" began a while ago and in that time it is difficult to put into words just how much it has benefited both my business and myself personally. As a trainer I run a "business" I do not just "do sessions" I have been taught to question everything and not just follow the crowd. Faster is not just about functional training it is about a thought process that will take you on a journey. Mine has resulted in me teaching to other personal trainers, being a top earner in any club I have ever worked in, working with clients who have issues I would normally have left well alone. The biggest difference is to be part of a community of trainers who have a wealth of different talents ranging from osteopathy to powerlifting who are more than happy to help at he drop of a hat! That is invaluable!

  5. Geof Shuford

    This course will give you the skills to stand above the crowd as a trainer. I I have noticed a marked improvement with my training and more importantly with my clients using the skills I learned with this course. It isn't easy – you have to work for it, but if you like a challenge and are willing to learn it will pay off.

  6. Ben Cuthbert

    This allowed me to take my understanding and knowledge to a completely new level if you want to be the best you need to learn this stuff.

    Truly a master at work.

  7. Sarah Kingston

    I can't recommend Faster highly enough. This course will
    everything and
    give you a new lease of life in the
    fitness industry.
    Fantastic course.

  8. Rob Guinea

    Since being involved with Faster I have grown as a trainer and coach, my thought processes have changed and I recommend anyone who really is "passionate" about this industry to enrol. Position yourself ahead of the rest. It isn't just the course but the greater appreciation I have developed for movement as a whole. I will admit that I wasn't sure what to expect when I first signed up, as I knew this course was so much more comprehensive than my Cert III and IV in fitness. What I got out of the course was an incredible understanding of movement, specifically and globally.

  9. Dave Jones

    This course has help me push the bounderys and increased my knowledge to a whole new level! It has helped my business no end and contantly allows me to think outside the box!
    John is a master of what he teaches :)!

  10. Greg Mikolap

    Great course for everyone who knows FASTER material and wants to start teaching other professionals, or for people who want to get a better understanding on research based training. Something you don't see often in the industry!

  11. Ollie Pearce

    Four years ago I was looking at the Fitness Industry struggling to find something to push, interest and develop me as a trainer. A friend mention Faster and I was so glad I followed it up. Four years later after starting my Faster journey from AFT to both Specialist courses along with some coach courses I enrolled onto the FTE (Faster Training Expert) course. This course was the icing on the cake for me, helped me understand more about my business, my clients and realising the knowledge that I have to help others in my position. With me now going into teaching, the education of this course has given me the opportunity and confidence to put my knowledge out there for others to hear, making me feel more confident and positive in helping my clients to reach there goals and me to reach mine too. Inspiring course with great teaching, content and prospects for the future.

  12. David Mackman

    Yet another excellent course from FASTER… the course that never stops improving! If you're lucky enough to have "Yoda" of the fitness industry the great John Hardy you'll be in for a treat. Like all his courses he'll make you learn more than you ever thought possible and keep you motivated with his incredible wit.

    I personally sign up for every faster course available as I know they saved me from leaving the fitness industry. This course is a huge step in becoming the best you can be. I've personally delivered incredible results to clients and have many success stories that I wouldn't have had without finding faster.

    If you want to stand out, sign up now… The Trainer in Front is FASTER!

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