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Working with our clients is extremely fulfilling but when life throws a curved ball we need to know how to respond.

Cancer, becoming all too common these days and having the background knowledge and information to provide your client with the support and training they need is essential.

The Exercise and Cancer course provide you with the information you need to ground your knowledge and give you the confidence to train these clients.  It also shows you how to incorporate this niche group into your target market where you can help more people and evolve your business.


This course is to help trainers gain more confidence and understanding when working with clients from diagnosis of cancer through finishing treatment and seeking your services.

Cancer diagnosis is on the increase, not because more people getting cancer but because we are living longer and people are seeking help sooner.  Evidently, the earlier cancer is diagnosed then there is more that can be done, but still, sometimes there may be no cure but that doesn’t mean that your client does not need you, in fact, you may be just the person that they need.

The course will cover the four main cancers which are Breast cancer (women), Prostate cancer (men), Lung cancer and Bowel cancer.

I recommend using the MacMillan website for up to date research and information on all cancers but on this course, we will be concentrating on the main four.

The aim of the course is for the trainers to feel much more competent and confident in working with clients who have been diagnosed and who are going through treatment.

The modules covered in the course are

  1. Clients – where are they and how to attract them
  2. Assessing the client, following our guidelines to help you build a thorough picture and make your client feel confident.
    Using our guidelines will keep you within your remit and know when to refer, giving you more credibility with other professionals.
  3. Setting up to train those clients, from groups, 1:1, pre-set (online) and making it all feel personal
  4. Creating your vision to build this into your business and becoming the ‘go to’ person in your area. 
  5. Long term plan for your business and for your clients, the next steps so that professionals and clients refer the next people on to you, doing your marketing for you.

This course contains –

Hours of video – 3 hours of lectures.


Examined by a multiple-choice exam.


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