Ebz Package

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Ebz has put this package together so you become the best in your gym at improving peoples raw strength and lifting ability. Ebz is a GB competitor and has been winning lifting competitions for fun for years. This is a unique chance to learn from him one to one.

In this package you get the following – 

8 Hours 1-1 with Ebz in his gym

Functional Circuit Trainer

Assess – Coach – Train

Obsessed about Lifting

If you are serious about you or your clients lifting more, and you want to know how to get the edge using the FASTER systems, then you want to get on this courses as soon as you can.

Places are strictly limited on a first come, first serve basis.


Why not get the edge over all of your lifting friends. Train with a GB competitor who knows lifting and the FASTER thought process and get the opportunity to improve your clients and your own ability in the industry.

Some think FASTER is only about ‘functional training’ but this is not true, we do it all and we do it well.

This package is with Ebz, who is no slouch when it comes to moving weight. Check out his lifts on his profile page. Ebz Mentor Page

8 Hours with Ebz will be enough to put you on the map and really get to grips with how you lift, how you incorporate other techniques to improve your lifts and how to get your clients on board to lift more too.

This course package is excellent for the beginner who is new to lifting, as well as the more advanced trainer who really wants to try and get ahead and make a difference.

Ebz has done this in competition, put in the time with FASTER and read the research, which leaves him in an amazing position to mentor you.

As this course relies on Ebz, we do not have a massive amount of places to sell to you.


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