Alisons Package

£911.00 £795.00

Get the top mentor Alison for 8 Hours

Get the Functional Circuit Training Course

Get the Rule the Kettlebell Course

Get the Assess-Coach-Train

However this is more than a combination of courses, this is a massive opportunity to get to know Alison and learn from someone who knows the industry, especially the higher end of the industry, very well.  This will help you find a mentor not only for movement, but also for industry experience.  As this is with Alison, we cannot sell too many, as she still has her own clients to look after.  Lets hope you are one of the lucky ones.


Welcome to one of our Course Director’s packages!  Less oo-aar missis and more chance for you to get to understand movement in the specialities of our Mentors.

This combination of courses are directed towards trainers that want to dominate the market of clients who are a little more mature and successful in business, who are looking for life balance.  Alison specialises in this for her own business, running the very successful

Alison is an accomplished trainer with FASTER and wants to bring you her expertise in –

Faster Circuits

Rule the Kettlebell

Assess – Coach – Train

These three courses along with 8 hours of 1-1 training with Alison will provide more than content.  Alison will bring you years of being successful and owning a niche in the industry.  All of her successes and mistakes will help you get on in the highly competitive area of personal training clients who are more affluent and require a different kind of service.  Success might not require what you think!

Here are some videos of Alison in action!

Kettlebells –



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