Advanced Functional Trainer Performance in Scotland


See the Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance

Live in Scotland – October 4th and 5th

Running in Glasgow at
Fitforit Personal Training Studio
10 Clarkston Rd
G44 4EH
The course will run from 10 – 5

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Personal Trainers who have the basic training in the industry, need to be able to differentiate and get better at standing out.  This course shows you the thought process behind building movement based exercise programmes, that can feature any exercise, traditional or specifically developed for a client.  Learn all the movements, all the exercises, how to manipulate them to work with any training tool and how to order them to get the physical response you want from a client, short term and long term!

Who is it for?

  • Trainers who want to start to see motion differently
  • Trainers who want to have the possibility of an unlimited amount of exercises
  • Trainers who want to understand mechanics and their effect on performance and possibly pain
  • Trainers who want to be different in the industry, and in their gym
  • Trainers who want to start to develop their own style
  • Trainers who see the value in learning a thought process over a set of techniques
  • Trainers who want to know how to use all equipment
  • Trainers who want to be different for the right reasons
  • Trainers who want to learn skills they can use straight away

Why do it?

  • Learn the thought process behind FASTER
  • Develop a coaching mentality in your training
  • Learn about how the body’s bone, joint and muscle sequencing can tell you about the clients abilities and potential issues
  • Learn how to create motions, to elicit muscle reactions with ease, in any exercise
  • Develop a way of splitting the energy systems from the mechanics of the movement
  • Learn how to achieve both your clients mechanical and body shape / physical performance goals, without having to compromise on either
  • Learn how the energy systems are key to unlocking body shape changes and performance goals

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