After a Facebook enquiry, I put together this collection of exercises to help free the foot and ankle complex with a mixture of movements driven from the top down and resistance from the bottom up, using a steel bell.

In this video I have used a transverse plane pivot to ultilise the change of transverse plane motion of the tibia, into an eversion / inversion at the ankle joint and in turn a freeing or relative locking up of the midfoot. By having the foot on the steel bell, a less predictable surface, and one that moves under pressure, the foot gets to experience some movement combined with space to allow the foot and ankle to bail out at its end range.

The foot is positioned on the steel bell in a way that will drive dorsiflexion with eversion and inversion at the foot and ankle and midtarsal joints, and is then positioned so that the midfoot is in plantarflexion, to allow the ankle to feel dorsiflexion that is not inhibited by the midfoot – something that is not often shown when mobilising the foot and ankle, and a restriction that can often stop someone from creating range at the ankle.

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Enjoy the video,