How to avoid bad exercise selection

Initially, I wanted to call this article ‘Exercises you should never do with your client’, but I thought that was too much like click bait and did not do justice to what I want to share with you.  Click to read more…

How much should I charge?

If you freelance as a Personal Trainer and so get to set your own fee’s, then working out how much to charge is important. In this article, I am going to try and help you work this out.

Initially, you need to get the basics in place –

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Student Focus - Kaisa Fit

In this feature, I like to run an article on the students from our business who are now doing exceptionally well in the industry. Our trainer’s success if defined by them so could be a superstar level, or it may be a local goal that they met.

Kaisa is a FASTER student who completed my one to one mentorship, and also our FTE and Course Directors courses.

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Building a Video Script

Build video’s from scripts is taken from our #FSQUAD group, which is a group that you will see featured in the newspaper, videos, wiki and podcasts as we help them get some recognition in the industry.

If you would like to be part of our #FSQUAD, then click the link and get involved.

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