I train clients in Kettlebell lifting – not exclusively, of course, we work though bodyweight, ropes workouts, ViPR, med balls, pad boxing, olympic lifting, hurdles and agility ladders etc etc – but we always seem to end up back with Kettlebells. Many of my clients have historically been neuro rehab clients (so stroke, MS, Parkinson’s typically) and Kettlebell lifting has been the most effective, exhilarating tool for them. The balance element, along with the strength, seems to provide the optimum training protocol.

Now, my focus is changing as I have moved progressively towards training athletes for Pentathlon. The surprising thing is that my neuro rehab clients have stuck with me, and are now training alongside conditioned athletes, toward this same goal.

Training for the very specific training goal has taken weight loss and neuro rehab clients away from the real distractions of their condition, and motivated them towards a sport focus. The impact has been amazing: the constant litany of aches and pains, and worries about their health, has tailed off, and the conversation is all about reps, competition rules, and assistance drills.

I am not suggesting that every trainer should move exclusively towards Kettlebell lifting, but that finding a productive training focus,with a realistic competition as end goal, is maybe a much more positive direction in which  to move.

I would always take the focus away from weight loss, because if they get absorbed in the activity, to the extent that they want to compete and be taken seriously, they will be more inclined to improve their nutrition, and their self image will benefit, which are the real hurdles, of course. This is how I give exercise a purpose, which will necessarily target movement specific goals.